What Is Diabetes?

The very first question I am asked is “What is diabetes?” This question is very serious and deserved a serious answer. Almost every time I try to give that type of answer there seems to be two different reactions.


What is diabetes – Too Much / Too Little


First, some people act like they are lost with the medical terminology used; where this result in trying to explain the terms that average people don’t understand. Words like ketoacidosis, hypoglycemia, glucose, hyperglycemia or many more that the average person might not know would lead to dry, boring reading.

Second is the opposite; where no matter how detailed of a description that is given, the people want more information. This is a no win situation. There is no way to please everyone but a visual presentation may help. So enjoy the short animated presentation below that does an excellent job of answering “what is diabetes.”



The Best of Both Worlds


The animated presentation does cover all the basic but there is so much more. Some people may only want to know some of the basics because they heard of someone who is  diabetic. The above presentation will save them from all the detailed information normally given on the subject.

Other people want and need more information and that will be provided. Our intention is to provide basic and very detailed information on our post. We encourage you to post comments to guide us as to the content subject and style you want. We will be giving more information on what is diabetes as we add post.


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