About Jerry

I served in the United State Marine Corp from 1966 to 1970, yea I’m an old fart.  I was stationed in Vietnam 1968 and 1969.  That is where my diabetic saga started; even though I did not know it at the time.


Some of the things that I enjoyed through the years included catamaran sailboat racing, fine dining and attending live shows. Living in Miami and out sailing 2 to 3 times a week was not only good for the soul but gave me a great tan, always a good thing that have living in Florida and being single.


Some 20+ years later, from 1969, I was officially diagnosed with diabetes. I was informed that I should check with the VA because there had been no link found between Agent Orange and diabetes. Upon checking with the VA I did find that Vietnam era veterans were having problems with diabetes. This started a relationship with VA that has lasted many years.


I am fortunate that my diabetic caregiver is a nurse that specializes in diabetes.  She is an Advanced Practice Nurse, CNS Clinical Nurse Specialist and is an advanced practice registered nurse, with graduate preparation (earned master’s to formulate a plan of treatment for my diabetes), BC-ADM is a Board Certified – Advanced Diabetes Management Certification and CDE is a Certified Diabetic Educator. Now that was a mouthful but she is more qualified on diabetes than most doctors. I doubt in private practice I would find as good care as I get from my diabetic nurse.


One of the reasons for this website is that when I started with my diabetes the Internet did not have the information on it today. Good old Al Gore just didn’t do a good job when he invented the internew. Back then was going to the library and trying to read medical books that I did not understand or the little pamphlets given out at the Dr.’s office. I decided that I wanted to put something online that was authoritative and easy to use so other people would have a easier time getting information. Also to keep people informed of new developments dealing with diabetes. We do not give medical advice and always check with your Dr. or caregiver if you see anything on our site that interest you.




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